Converting Nonwoven rolls:

tailoring solutions for your Nonwoven needs

In the dynamic world of nonwoven materials, the process of converting nonwoven rolls is a crucial step that involves various techniques to meet the diverse needs of industries such as healthcare, hygiene and (industrial) wiping. With our converting facilities and partnerships, Phoenix Fabrikations can help you with various tailoring converting services.

Slitting large mother rolls of Nonwovens

One of the primary steps in the conversion process is slitting large mother rolls into smaller, more manageable rolls. This technique allows for greater flexibility in the use of nonwoven materials. 

Phoenix Fabrikations can produce rolls of varying widths, catering to specific industry requirements.

Our slitting machine can accept mother rolls of a maximum width of 2100 mm and maximum diameter of 2000 mm. Our slitting capability is a minimum cut of 30 mm with a maximum diameter of 1200 mm.

Our slitting service is also available for external parties with their own materials. From medical applications to industrial use, slitting ensures that nonwoven materials can be tailored precisely to the intended purpose, enhancing efficiency and reducing waste.

Custom size roll width for Nonwoven fabrics

Customization is a hallmark of effective nonwoven roll conversion. The ability to create rolls of custom widths is essential for meeting the unique demands of our customer base. Whether it's a specific manufacturing process or the production of specialized wipes, slitting rolls into the desired roll width ensures that your nonwoven fabrics seamlessly integrate into diverse production lines.

Rewinding techniques for Nonwoven rolls

The rewinding process is a critical aspect of nonwoven roll conversion, ensuring uniformity and precision.

By employing advanced rewinding techniques, we can maintain the integrity of the material while achieving consistent roll tension and density. This precision is vital for downstream processes and applications, where uniformity is paramount.

Phoenix Fabrikations specializes in state-of-the-art rewinding technologies, ensuring the quality of nonwoven rolls for a myriad of uses.

Folding methods for Nonwoven wipes

Nonwoven wipes serve a multitude of purposes, from personal hygiene to industrial cleaning. The folding process is integral to the production of nonwoven wipes, determining their size, thickness, and dispensing mechanisms. Custom folding solutions allow our customers to create wipes tailored to specific applications, whether it's for medical facilities, restaurants, or households. The precision in folding techniques enhances the usability and convenience of nonwoven wipes across diverse settings.

Private Label Nonwoven wipes with logo

For businesses looking to establish their brand identity, private labeling of nonwoven wipes provides a unique opportunity.

Phoenix Fabrikations offers the option to customize nonwoven wipes with your logo, allowing you to create a distinct and recognizable product. This not only reinforces brand visibility but also adds a professional touch to the end product.

Private label nonwoven wipes open doors to promotional and branding strategies for businesses across different sectors.

In addition, Phoenix can offer perforated rolls in various widths and sizes, impregnation of nonwovens and flat laid wipes cut by guillotine.

Converting nonwoven rolls is a multifaceted process that involves precision and customization. From slitting large mother rolls to private labeling nonwoven wipes, each step plays a crucial role in meeting the specific needs of your company. Phoenix Fabrikations, with its cutting-edge technologies and commitment to quality, stands as a reliable partner in the journey of converting nonwoven materials for various applications.

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