Apertured spunlace

Nonwoven apertured spunlace is widely used in health care and hygiene sectors. A whole array of products including wipes, gauzes, meshes and compresses are made from apertured spunlace. Lint-free viscose polyester apertured spunlace offers a firm yet soft feel, allowing ample circulation of air and excellent capillary action when used in the form of gauze.

The effectiveness of compresses is determined by the ability of apertured spunlaces to retain heat or cold needed for comfortable healing. An apertured spunlace also has industrial applications such as waterproofing fabrics or tapes, and no-lint multipurpose wipes.


Apertured Spunlace strong and soft permeable

Nonwoven apertured spunlace is created by mechanically bonding fibers into a strong structure, interspersing the finished material with pores to create a soft permeable product. Usually made from a blend of polyester and viscose, an apertured spunlace is available in different variants and can be put to use as air filters as well.


40 years of quality

The best of nonwoven apertured spunlace is delivered by Phoenix Fabrikations, an expert in nonwovens, backed by over 40 years of experience, ISO certification (pending renewal), latest nonwoven technology and a reliable network of nonwoven manufacturers. Bulk orders of high-quality apertured spunlace from Phoenix qualify for attractive prices!

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