Baby Wetwipes

Parenting today is incomplete without baby wetwipes from a trusted brand. Right from the pack of baby wetwipes bundled with nappies to the additional packs purchased on a need basis, this product is nearly a staple. The quality of these wetwipes is of utmost importance and parents must ensure that the safety and suitability of cleansers used in baby wetwipes, in case they need to settle for a different product. While these wetwipes in general should follow the prescribed standards for childcare products, given a multitude of non-branded variants, it is better to be safe.


The best quality baby wetwipes

Baby wetwipes are made from soft, absorbent nonwoven material such as spunlace. The material is moisturized with adequate quantities of water, lotion, mild disinfectant or even natural oil to create a variety of these wetwipes for different purposes such as wiping hands and face, clean up after a meal or even diaper clean up.


A range of variants

Phoenix Fabrikations, an established player in the nonwovens market offers a range of spunlace variants for baby wetwipes manufacturers. Available both in rolls and bales, bulk spunlace purchases can be made at relatively discounted prices when compared to market rates. Products and processes conform to ISO standards making these offerings reliable and safe.

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