Household Wipes

Household wipes help maintain home interiors clean and hygienic. From cleaning floors to wiping counter tops and furniture, they have specific uses even within homes. Wipes for glass help lift grease, fingerprints and dust from acrylic, glass and ceramic surfaces, leaving them lint-free and clear of streaks. Wipes for floors usually are durable, washable and reusable, and more suited for rough surfaces. 

While wet household wipes are used for cleaning surfaces, the dry ones are more appropriate for daily dusting. Disposable wet wipes definitely prove to be a boon.


Household wipes handy to clean the home

Household wipes are simple pieces of nonwoven fabric that come in handy to clean the home. A multitude of these wipes are available to disinfect and clean kitchen counters, bathrooms, toilet seats, glass and wooden surfaces at home effectively. 


Wipes of superior-quality

Superior-quality heavy spunlace, and soft and lint-free airlaid paper and spunlace from Phoenix Fabrikations, in several colours and patterns are ideal household wipes. These can be used to manufacture dry household wipes or doused with safe chemical or disinfectant formulations to produce wet household wipes.

Sturdy, soft, highly absorbent and solvent-resistant nonwoven products from Phoenix are best for household use.

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