Hydroentangled fabrics are also known as nonwoven spunlaces. Hydroentangled spunlaces have characteristic drape and soft feel. It is the uniformity, integrity and strength of hydroentangled spunlaces that make them unique and popular in several diverse applications. Different types of basic web structures, airlaid, wetlaid or drylaid can be used to create hydroentangled spunlaces. Fibers can be either natural or synthetic or a blend of both.


Hydroentangled - Soft and strong at the same time

The term hydroentangled, reflects the process used to create the nonwoven fabric. It involves using jets of water to entangle or assemble fiber into a web and vacuum to drain out grey water from the system. The strength of the hydroentangled spunlace has been observed to vary based on water pressure and line speeds. The softness of the spunlace can be attributed to the fact that it is hydroentangled, rather than being bound with the help of a binder.


For the best quality

Being an old-hand in the field of nonwovens, hydroentangled spunlaces from Phoenix Fabrikations are of the best quality. Tried and tested processes conforming to ISO and the choicest of raw materials that impart the relevant characteristics to a specific product, make every single spunlace variant unique and special.

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