Hydroentangled Spunlace

Hydroentangled spunlace is the nonwoven equivalent to woven cloth when it comes to cleaning material. The fabric base of both disposable and reusable wipes, hydroentangled spunlace caters to diverse applications of final product. This simply means that hydroentangled spunlace used in wipes intended for personal hygiene, baby care and hospitals are super soft, lint-free, skin-friendly, and disposable as well. 

On the other hand, hydroentangled spunlace used for regular washable and reusable cleaning wipes are more sturdy, can withstand rough use, and are resistant to cleaning solutions. It is possible to produce both dry and wet wipes using hydroentangled spunlace.


Hydroentangled spunlace extremely strong

The name hydroentangled spunlace is self-explanatory. The fabric structure is created by using the force of water to bind the viscose and polyester fibers in a predetermined pattern. Chemical binders may also be added to enhance the strength of the structure and the utility of the final product.


Best of technology

Tack cloth and wipe manufacturers can find the best of raw material for their offerings at Phoenix Fabrikations. The firm has survived the test of time to churn out hydroentangled spunlace of standard quality, using the best of technology and resources. Sourcing raw materials from Phoenix is bound to prove satisfying and financially rewarding as well.

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