Non Wovens

Non wovens are fabrics specifically engineered for use across an array of products and applications. Being flexible and an indispensible part of contemporary life, non wovens feature in multitude of industrial and consumer products ranging from common wipes, home furnishings, apparel and personal care items to disposable surgical fabrics, insulation, industrial cleaning and filtration. 

CEN EN 29092 and ISO standard 9092 are the only ever universally applicable definitions of non wovens. The versatility of non wovens makes it possible to use the product in an innovative and cost-effective manner to address specific fabric needs.


Non wovens for use across an array of products

The properties of non wovens can be incorporated in different ways to suit the requirements of the final product. By using the right raw fibre and bonding technology, it is possible to craft non wovens that are as soft as silk or as sturdy as thick cloth padding. Similarly, properties such as permeability, absorption, density, durability, drape, solvent resistance and breathability – just to name a few – can further be achieved by finishing non wovens using suitable techniques (printing, embossing, apertures, laminations, etc.).


A trusted source of quality

Phoenix Fabrikations is a reliable, veteran and trusted source of quality non wovens that’s backed by ISO standards, is an expertise in the domain and has hundreds of satisfied customers. Our product range spanning the best of spunlaces is also priced attractively.

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