Nonwoven Rolls

Nonwoven rolls cater to the bulk raw material needs of production facilities that churn out personal care, hygiene and health, industrial fabric, as well as clothing products. Available in standard or multiple roll widths and diameters, nonwoven rolls come in several colours and prints, with apertures, embossing and designs to suit diverse applications.

Small manufacturers may source the required quantity of fabric from specific nonwoven rolls, instead of buying up the entire roll. 


In a wide range of dimensions

Nonwoven rolls are simply continuous expanses of nonwoven fabric stored in the form of rolls. The roll width, core, diameter and weight of the fabric of each product tend to vary based on end use. Fabric rolls ensure that the standard of material is consistent throughout the batch of products created from them.


Modern technologies

Nonwoven rolls from Phoenix Fabrikations include a variety of products manufactured using different modern technologies such as hydroentangled spunlace, airlaid paper, microfilament fabric and drylaid card & bind products. Bulk purchases of nonwoven rolls enjoy below market prices. The firm’s collaboration with several nonwoven manufacturers makes it possible to cut down lead time and speed up supply of nonwoven rolls, reducing the need to hold surplus stock.

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