Wet Wipes

Wet wipes take the pinch out of the mundane cleaning routine. Extensively used across industries, these wipes come in handy to clean up office and home interiors, apart from being inevitable in health and baby care, cosmetics and personal hygiene. While wet wipes also double up as toilet paper in times of need, certain variants of wet wipes are used for pet care, pain relief and industrial cleaning as well. 


Wet wipes for specific purposes

The basic constituent of wet wipes is the underlying spunlace or airlaid paper. This nonwoven material is then treated and moisturized with an appropriate solvent such as water, alcohol, perfume, disinfectant, softener, skin lotion or cleanser to create wipes for specific purposes.


Phoenix Fabrikations, a market leader in nonwoven fabrics

Wet wipes manufacturers can source a range of spunlace or airlaid material from Phoenix Fabrikations, a market leader in nonwoven fabrics. The quality of wipes is largely determined by the softness, fabric strength and capillary as well as solvent retention capability of the underlying fabric.

High-value products from Phoenix that cater to specific consumption markets have been created with utmost care. They are available in the form of rolls and bales for bulk consumption and can be purchased in required quantities as well.

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