Disposable Wipes

Disposable wipes are both hygienic and effective. Quite handy to use and discard, these wipes make it easy to care for kids in a quick and safe manner, provided the product is from a trusted brand. Disposable wipes for adults serve several purposes including makeup removal and cleansing, apart from doubling up as toilet paper. But it is worth noting that not all disposable wipes disintegrate when flushed. Antibacterial disposable wipes for the hands, face and body are especially useful when travelling. 


Quality to be used only once

Disposable wipes are those intended for limited use, most often being one time use and throw. They are most often wet wipes, treated with suitable solvent and packed for use. These wipes are extensively used in hospitals, homes, and for scrubbing and polishing surfaces in an industrial setting.


A well-known name in the sector

Disposable wipes from nonwoven fabric are soft on the skin and absorbent to soak in the solvent. Companies into the production of disposable wipes can source the best of nonwoven products from Phoenix Fabrikations, a well-known name in the sector that uses quality raw material and modern technology to manufacture nonwoven material conforming to ISO standards.

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