Microfiber Wipes

Microfiber wipes are the most effective cleaning material, trapping pollutants of all types with equal ease. Made from polyamides and polyester, these wipes are soft and best suited for smooth and transparent surfaces. Special microfiber wipes are used for facial cleansing, removal of makeup or sunscreen, or to even clean up excess oil from the skin’s surface. 

Popular in the form of soft disposable products, microfiber wipes have excellent absorption capabilities and quick to soak up fluids.


The best quality Microfiber Wipes

Nonwoven microfiber wipes, true to the name, are made using fine fibers of polyester and polyamide, neatly structured into a web of fabric using mechanical bonding techniques. Fibers are further split to improve their ability to trap and retain dirt, grime and liquids. 


A lot of experience

Phoenix Fabrikations, with over 4 decades of experience in the nonwoven fabric markets, manufactures and markets high-quality microfilament materials suitable to produce microfiber wipes. Soft, lint-free, super absorbent, nonwoven fabric is available several roll widths and can be custom-dyed to meet specific buyer preferences. 

Companies looking for a steady supply of quality microfilament fabric for their microfiber wipes are welcome to avail below-market rates and just-in-time order fulfillment from Phoenix, a trusted name in the sector.

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