Non woven

Phoenix Fabrikations can offer a wide range of nonwoven fabrics to serve following markets:


Phoenix supplies a wide range of Nonwovens into medical markets world-wide.

Spunlace apertured nonwovens are being used for disposable swabs/compresses in wound care applications.
Phoenix carded fabrics find their way in disposable visiting gowns, laminated surgery sheets and drapes, disposable caps, etc.

Phoenix wiping range fabrics are excellent for all kind of intensive cleaning applications, from patient wipe to cleaning operating rooms.


Phoenix has a wide range of nonwoven fabrics used in various hygienic applications.

Spunlace nonwovens are being used for impregnated wet wipes for applications like baby wipes, refreshment wipes, cosmetic wipes, etc.

For feminine and baby hygiene care, Phoenix can provide latex and mulitibonded airlaid paper to offer an absorbent core.

In addition carded polyester acquisition layer nonwoven is available in large volumes.

Industrial wiping

Since 1968, Phoenix was involved in the development of disposable nonwoven wipes in cleaning markets.

As a pionier Phoenix introduced as one of the first nonwoven wipes into industrial cleaning environments.

Nowadays, markets are being served in nonwoven rags, precumpled and crushed wipes in 10 kgs boxes to compete against woven rags. But also roll goods in spunlace and card & bind are available in various structures and colors ready for converting requirements. 

All Phoenix’ industrial wiping fabrics are specially engineered to meet the highest wiping qualifications.


One of the most innovated nonwoven products is our Microfilament nonwoven, a fabric with unique properties and microfibers of only 0,15 dtex. With high strengths in all directions, highest UV protection, high sounds absorption and excellent cleaning properties; this product is versatile in many applications.

The fabric is excellent for anti-allergic products like bedding, clothing, in technical applications where tensile strength is important, in environments where UV protection or sound absorption are key factors or even for intensive skin cleaning applications.

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