Nonwoven Stocklots

Nonwoven stocklots is a specialty of Phoenix Fabrikations, a veteran in Europe’s nonwoven sector. Phoenix Fabrikations has different varieties of nonwoven stocklots, including spunlaces, airlaid, microfilament fabric, card & bind, viscose and synthetic spunlace. Available in various grammages and rolls widths.


Nonwoven stocklots economically priced

Nonwoven stocklots of downgraded or discontunued styles are offered at attractive below-market prices and given their functional standards, the material proves to be cost-effective with no compromise on the quality of the end product. This is especially true if nonwoven stocklots are sourced for industrial or domestic cleaning purposes


Your specialist in dealing with nonwoven stocklots

In order to further trim down costs related to processing and transportation of nonwoven stocklots, companies can also make use of hi-end slitting/ rewinding, converting, folding and packing equipment and services at Phoenix’s facilities to create and pack quality wipes for their customer markets. 

Familiar with the technical nuances of manufacturing and marketing quality nonwovens, Phoenix Fabrikations is a specialist in dealing with nonwoven stocklots. This is evident from the fact that the firm is backed by over 4 decades of experience and enjoys an international presence.

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