Micro Filaments

Micro filament fabrics are quite versatile, offering impeccable results when used for cleaning purposes. Several times finer than traditional microfibres, micro filaments have enhanced moisture absorption capabilities and can trap dust and dirt quite effectively. Micro filament fabrics work equally well to block out sunlight and sound. Given its softness and low-linting property, micro filament textile is ideal for clothing, while its tensile strength and resistance to tears make it suitable for use as cleaning cloth, lining material, as well as banners.


Only the best fine fibres

The term micro filament is indicative of the fineness fibres (.15 Dtex) that go into creating the nonwoven fabric. Micro filament is produced from thicker polyester, polyamide or polypropylene fibres by splitting them into finer strands and entangling them using high-presssure water jets.


Simply the best - Phoenix Fabrikations

Phoenix Fabrikations offers the best of micro filament fabric and spunlace to its customers. Products from Phoenix, a big name in nonwoven fabrics since 1968, reflect the high quality standards and techniques the firm is known for. Made from polyester & polyamide micro filament, the nonwoven fabric can be used for several purposes, while the spunlace from the very same raw materials is well-suited for wiping surfaces. 

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