Lintfree Wipes

Even the best of cleaning efforts can fail to impress if there is residual lint left on the surfaces. The key is to use lintfree wipes, especially in professional cleaning services, while a pack of lintfree wipes for makeup removal or facial cleaning leaves the skin free from lint. These wipes also come in handy to clean valuable crystals and stones. 

From vast glass, ceramic and acrylic surfaces that adorn doors, windows and table tops, to lenses and metallic components in professional equipment, lintfree wipes make a great difference. Sensitive equipment must be rid of all dirt and dust, as well as lint to perform accurately. 


Lintfree wipes are both soft and strong

Lintfree wipes are those that do not leave a lint or loose fiber residue when the wipe is used. The structure and bonding of fibers in the underlying fabric are both soft and strong retaining the integrity of the fabric.


Over the years

An experienced player in non wovens, Phoenix Fabrikations offers the best non-linting, soft microfilament fabrics that are best suited for lintfree wipes. The lintfree wipes technology and raw material used to create the material ensures high resistance to tears and tensile strength, as well as structural integrity, preventing any loose fibers.

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