Nonwoven materials are fast replacing woven cloth, as they can easily mimic the characteristics of traditional material in a more cost-effective manner. Nonwoven fabrics score high on sustainability as some of these can be recycled and put to effective use, especially for industrial and home cleaning purposes. 

Engineered to specific requirements, nonwoven materials can either be smooth and absorbent for health, hygiene and specialty applications, or sturdy and washable for rough use.


Nonwoven fabrics made by using synthetic or natural fibres

Nonwoven fabrics are faux-fabrics made using synthetic or natural fibres, without spinning them into yarn or weaving them. Instead, nonwoven materials are manufactured by bonding fibers using chemicals, heat, water or air to create a web-like structure and entangling fibers in a predetermined format.

The tensile strength, durability and softness of nonwoven material are determined by the type of fibres and process used for production. Some of these fabrics require additional strengthening to enhance their integrity.


Tenure and expertise

Phoenix Fabrikations, a company well-known for its tenure and expertise in the nonwoven markets, churns out the best of nonwovens for use across different sectors. Competent and hi-tech resources, trusted network of nonwovenproducers and a penchant for quality are factors that differentiate Phoenix from other players in the field.

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